Offer an apartment to MWZ 24

Offering furnished accommodation

Offering temporary accommodation through MWZ 24 doesn't cost the vender a thing.

Note: All accommodation advertisements will be reviewed before being presented on our internet page. Please read the few sentences below and check that your accommodation meets the required conditions before you decide whether to advertise your accommodation online.

We only take properties into our portfolio with photos; furnished accommodation without photos will not be taken into consideration.

Accommodation from private venders can only be considered with a determinable rent time of 3 months minimum

The properties should be in the areas Düsseldorf, Ratingen, Mettman or Neuss MWZ24 do not advertise Trade Fair rooms, furnished accommodation on a daily basis or between the dates of the Trade Fairs.

Rooms that are sublet i.e. flat sharing, can no longer be advertised through MWZ24.

Important tips for the quality of photos:
The quality of the photos taken of a property determines good marketing and suitability of the accommodation. Very often MWZ 24 is sent private digital photos that we really don't want to present.

MWZ 24 recommends the use of our photographer Silja Käser.

Miss Käser has taken reams of photos over the last 8 years and as well as her experience in this area she also has all the professional equipment.

Standard cameras may take good holiday photos but the amount of pixels alone doesn't determine the spatial layout of a room but rather the wide angle and the lighting. 

Why does this service cost anything at all?
The photos are created during a technically complex and time intensive process. Then there is the finishing and the presentation on the largest Real Estate platform, which is free of charge.

MWZ 24 exports, daily, around 1500 furnished properties on the largest German real estate platforms:;; and .

This enables your flat to reach an optimum and viable online presentation.

A service to this extent for vendors is unheard of in Germany. Think carefully about whether the compilation of high quality photos justifies itself.

Irrespectively of the MWZ 24 photo service, we recommend that you present high quality photos.

Due to the large quantitiy of properties available an optically appealing presentation is today a must! This is near to impossible to create with a standard digital camera from under the Christmas tree without continuative pictures  and text editing.

Please contact Silja Käser
Phone: 0211 600 5 600

+49 211 600 5 600