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Request  of furnished accommodation in Düsseldorf 

Create an online request with a selection list referring to your budget and preffered living areas in Düsseldorf.
We try to get in touch with you calling you back as soon as possible.

Include as much detail as possible when specifying the type of accommodation in Düsseldorf you require, so that the  MWZ 24 team are able to filter out a selection of temporary furnished apartments/flats from our  offer, through MWZ 24, in the Düsseldorf, Ratingen, Neuss and surrounding areas. We take into account your budget (monthly rent) and your chosen areas for temporary accommodation.

So that we can find accommodation most suitable to your needs we would like to know the following:

  • From when do you actually need the apartment/flat?
  • For what time period?
  • What is your budget for the monthly rent?
  • Where is your work place situated?
  • What are, for you, the most important requirements?
  • Number of people?
  • Preferred location?

Booking an Apartment
You can book direct an apartment without viewing.
We accompanie your booking until receiving your keys.
Rent Contracts are made and send by MWZ 24.

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Our team at MWZ 24 speak several languages as well as excellent English.

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