History of MWZ 24

3 decades MWZ 24

33 Years of furnished accommodation in Düsseldorf 
The history of MWZ 24: "The original" 

MWZ 24 set up acting as an agent for the temporary rental of furnished properties 33 years ago. What started as a simple hotel alternative, named "Mitwohnzentrale", for business people temporarily staying in Düsseldorf rapidly developed into what was then a totally new segment in the property market, and in 1988, with initially a handful of partner towns, MWZ 24 founded in 1988 the "Verband der deutschen Mitwohnzentrale" (The Association of German Agencies of Short-Term Letting).

MWZ 24 nowadays is organized in our national network "Zeitwohnwerk" , playing an active role in this networks we guarantee permanent expertise and know-how.

Our expertise and our market know-how, acquired through brokering many thousands of property rentals in recent years, means that MWZ 24 customers can enjoy a proper service teamed with our accurate assessment of the individual property.

From the onset, MWZ24 has been setting new standards that have been taken on at both a national and international level.

As newcomers to Düsseldorf, we ensure our customers receive the best expert advice on the choice of furnished accommodation within their  budget and in the (Düsseldorf) area of their choice.

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